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Two visitors at the Classic Ride Festival in Hong Kong:

“Comparing to what I’m used to, Sandwichbikes looks quite bulky. But it’s a very solid bike that rides very comfortable! It definitely out stand my expectations!”

“It's beautiful! And it rides very comfortable too. I love it!”


Linda from Finland:

"We use one of the 4 branded Sandwichbikes at Paf to go out for lunch and meetings. In that way we get our daily exercise pedaling to the city centre and back."

Custom bike

Felix Alfonso from New Milford, USA:

"I was very impressed with the craftsmanship, and the smooth ride of the Sandwichbike. If you like to stand out from the crowd, the Sandwichbike is the bike to buy. The Customer service from ordering, customizing, shipping, and receiving, was outstanding."

Daniel Gudsell from New Zealand about his abodo.co.nz branded Sandwichbike: 
"We have managed to attract a lot of attention from the bike, I normally use it myself, to go up the road and buy lunch. Many people have commented on it!"

Mikael Lazare from France:
"Very happy! I fulfilled a lifelong dream when I have received the Sandwichbike.

My childhood : LEGO & MECANO
My hobbies :  DESIGN & ARTS
My element : THE NATURE"

Dutch olympic & worldchampion cyclo-cross, road bicycle racer and track racer Marianne Vos:
"The first view turns are a bit heavy, but after that the Sandwichbike rides excellent and taking curves goes smoothly. My Sandwichbike is great for having a relax ride! 


Dutch Newspaper Het Parool:
"The Sandwichbike is a compact, manoeuvrable bike that looks a bit like a mountain bike. The striking design doesn't cause any disadvantages for cycling. Be prepared for a lot of attention, because no one has such a special bike (yet)!" 

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