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Customize your Sandwichbike. Build it yourself, make it your own Impress for success

A Sandwichbike is not for shy people. If you cruise around on your Sandwichbike all eyes will be on you. Benefit from it! You can make a first impression only once. 




Personalized wooden bike frame

The Sandwichbike is a unique bicycle on all fronts: material, design and product technology. The large surface of the frame offers many customize possibilities to make it even more unique. It is possible to fully personalize the wooden Sandwichbikes frame, providing added value to presentation. Think about:

  • Colored frame
  • Patterned frame
  • Company logo 
  • Famous art & design images
  • Special editions for celebrations and milestones 
  • Photo's
  • And many more... 
  • Personalized Sandwichbikes, Sandwichbikes Wooden Frame fully customized Colored Sandwichbikes frames. Customization is possible for Sandwichbikes Steel Fork series as well as Wooden Fork series

    Your image printed on Sandwichbikes wooden frame 

    We print all customizations directly on the wooden frame of Sandwichbikes. In collaboration with our printing partner, we use all weather proof UV-ink*. This ink immediately dries after printing, thanks to the build-in UV lights in the printers. This ensures excellent quality and an impeccable image presentation.

    Depending on the effect you want to establish, there are two printing options you can choose from:

    1. For an exact colour quality, the wooden frame will be treated with a white primer that serves as a background. The image will be printed on this white background that ensures clear colours for a bright image presentation.
    2. For an eco-look with visible wood characteristics like tree rings, we print directly on the wooden Sandwichbikes frame. This option gives your customized Sandwichbikes a natural appearance.

    * UV-ink is water resistant and doesn’t change colour when it is exposed to the sun. On top of that UV-ink is less harmful for the environment than normal inks. We print according Océ (Canon) standards.

    Tell your story on a Sandwichbike!

    Due to the presentation capabilities of Sandwichbikes and the perfect color quality, it is the perfect bike to convey your corporate identity.Together with Sandwichbikes’ striking design, this produces a unique character, which can generate enormous interest and attention for companies and brands. Sandwichbikes is a "conversation piece" par excellence!  

    Send an e-mail with your personal request to us at sandwichbikes.com and we will send you a proposal custom made by our designer, that fits your aim and budget.    

    Customize your Sandwichbike! All colours can be printed on Sandwichbikes wooden frame.


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